Maximum Overload is the sixth studio album by DragonForce, which was released in Europe on 18 August 2014, and in North America the next day. Matt Heafy (Trivium, Capharnaum) contributed vocals on 3 songs: "Defenders", "No More" and "The Game".

The album was produced by Jens Bogren, marking the first time the band decided not to record in their own studio and with an outside producer. The album was released in three versions: standard physical or digital CD, special edition physical or digital CD (with five bonus tracks and a bonus DVD), and vinyl.

It is also the last DragonForce album with drummer Dave Mackintosh, who announced his departure from the band on 3 June 2014, and was subsequently replaced by Gee Anzalone.

Track ListingEdit

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "The Game" (feat. Matt Heafy)Sam Totman, Marc HudsonFrederic Leclercq, Totman 4:56
2. "Tomorrow's Kings"  Leclercq, TotmanTotman 4:13
3. "No More" (feat. Matt Heafy)Leclercq, Totman, Vadim PruzhanovTotman, Leclercq 3:50
4. "Three Hammers"  Totman, LeclercqTotman, Leclercq 5:50
5. "Symphony of the Night"  Leclercq, TotmanLeclercq, Totman 5:19
6. "The Sun Is Dead"  LeclercqLeclercq 6:34
7. "Defenders" (feat. Matt Heafy)Totman, LeclercqLeclercq, Totman 5:47
8. "Extraction Zone"  Totman, LeclercqTotman, Leclercq 5:06
9. "City of Gold"  Leclercq, TotmanLeclercq, Totman 4:43
10. "Ring of Fire" (Johnny Cash cover)Merle Kilgore, June Carter CashKilgore, Cash 3:15


Band membersEdit

Guest musiciansEdit

  • Matt Heafy - guest vocals on "Defenders", "The Game", "No More"

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